Does microservice complexity have your team scratching their heads? TelemetryHub helps you navigate the complexity of observability data and shorten your time to issue resolution.

Want to be in the know about slowdowns in your monolith? Scout APM will keep you in the know on bottlenecks and performance issues in your code.

Keep your team focused on the things that matter.

With two options to help clarify your platform, your team can quickly and easily discover and resolve problems without a steep learning curve or hefty invoice.

Understand your telemetry data in hours, not weeks

Leverage OpenTelemetry to get valuable insights from your application signals regardless of your architecture or technology.

  • Context propagation through complex systems
  • Open standards for telemetry signals
  • Dive deep into high cardinality data to find answers

Deep application intelligence, right out of the box

Scout APM delivers in-depth information about your running production code in Ruby, Python, Elixir and PHP.

  • Performance KPIs on one dashboard
  • Identify responsible line of code when issues arise
  • Database query monitoring

Feature highlights

Distributed Tracing

Distributed Tracing
  • See a request start to finish
  • Know the cause of performance problems in a distributed system
  • Understand relationships between services

Structured Logging

Structured Logging
  • Supplement with custom metadata
  • Root cause analysis with powerful exploration tools
  • Trace and Span id ties logs to your distributed traces

Leveraging the OpenTelemetry Collector

Leveraging the OpenTelemetry Collector
  • Receive, process, and export your telemetry data to TelemetryHub (and anywhere else)
  • Manage the volume of data sent to TelemetryHub
  • Scrub your data of PII or sensitive information

How TelemetryHub works

Feel It

When something out of the ordinary is happening, get a quick understanding of the impact on your services and users.

Find it

Instrument your code with OpenTelemetry to send all the data needed to parse through your outputs and hone in on the problem areas.

Fix it

Effectively work with your high dimension and cardinality data to find your needle in the haystack.



We believe simplicity is a powerful way to help you conquer systems complexity via data visualization in a single pane of glass to provide usable insights so you can quickly get value from TelemetryHub.


Leverage the OpenTelemetry collector to manage your PII and data volume before even hitting TelemetryHub.


Our pay-to-play pricing model means you only pay for what you use. No seat licenses means your entire team has access to TelemetryHub.

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TelemetryHub is the exact solution we were looking for to connect all our complex system data. Once we implemented TelemetryHub we were able to quickly identify and fix problem areas that were causing performance issues. We love how rapidly TelemetryHub has evolved and the superior customer support we’ve received.

Stuart Eaves

CTO/Co-founder of Operations Hero

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