Understand your distributed system without complex tool configuration.
If you can ask it, TelemetryHub can answer it.

Say goodbye to detective work and hello to data

Finding the needle in the haystack doesn’t have to take days. TelemetryHub lets you draw out key insights from your telemetry signals to cut through mountains of information and leverage data to answer your questions instead of requiring proprietary knowledge and history to do your sleuthing.


Average cost of downtime by the minute


Time saved by developers on debugging on average


Cost per seat in TelemetryHub

The right observability tool == peace of mind

Find issues before your users report them

Find issues before your users report them
  • Custom metrics to highlight the things you care about
  • Visualizations to see trends in your data
  • Access to anyone in your org who needs to know what’s happening

Reduce your MTTR

Reduce your MTTR
  • Metadata in your log files to help drill down on the issue
  • Context to sort through the noise quickly
  • Deep linking to share insight across your team

Retrospective on root cause analysis

Retrospective on root cause analysis
  • 14 day lookback window
  • See related events to understand ongoing problems
  • Diagnostic tools to deep dive into your application

A single pane of glass for answering tough questions about your distributed system

Correlated metrics, traces, and logs

The signals you need with the context required to extract value from heaps of data

Cut out communication hurdles with your entire team in the know

Easy to use dashboard and low barrier to simplified data insights lets your whole organization share in the knowledge – sayonara silos

Simplify complex systems

Easily diagnose issues without intimate knowledge of your architecture or history

Turn questions into answers

You know the answers you need live in your system, but how do you surface them through the mounds of data produced by a complex system?

What are the dangers of not fully understanding your services?

  • Overly complicated tools create silos
  • Complex architecture is difficult to understand
  • The volume of telemetry data creates a needle in a haystack situation

The three pillars of TelemetryHub


TelemetryHub provides a low barrier to value. It’s the tool you need without the unneccessary bells and whistles to weigh you down.


Get up and running quickly by leveraging open source projects to stay on the cutting edge of generating and understanding your telemetry data.


Low flat rate, no seat licenses, and usage-based pricing lets you manage your costs while still realizing actionable insights from your data.

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TelemetryHub is committed to being a simple, efficient, and affordable tool to help engineering teams realize the value of working with high cardinality data within your telemetry signals to find, diagnose, and fix issues across your services confidently and quickly.

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