Observability made affordable

Monitor and debug your systems without breaking the bank. We provide a single pane of glass for your logs, metrics, and traces data.

TelemetryHub Features

1 Single Pane of Glass

Observability as it’s meant to be, all in one place and fully connected. When your logs indicate problematic traces, the traces are right there where you’d want them to be and not off somewhere else.

2 Spreadsheet-esque Display

View your telemetry data in a familiar tabular data format that is fast and effective for sifting through the haystack to find the needle.

3 High-Performance, Wide Datasets

TH streams your telemetry data into your browser in high-performance ldap formats, allowing you to explore lots of data efficiently without endless paging and click-throughs to find what you’re looking for. Any custom attributes included in your signals, whether from standard or custom instrumentation will be at your fingertips.

4 Responsive Visualizations

Charts and plots respond in real time as you filter through your telemetry data, reducing the time it takes to find the source of your issues.

5 Multi-layered Filtering

Expressive pre-filtering allows you to put guard rails around the telemetry data you want streamed for viewing, while real-time local filtering gives you the ability to quickly find the interesting needles in your haystack.

6 Sticky Context

Set once and go contextual filtering is preserved as you navigate through your telemetry data, which makes it much easier to navigate through your data without losing focus.

Let us be your observability guide

Get visibility into the chaos of observability issues through a single pane of glass.

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The way you know about issues before your users report them

  • Find trends
  • Share with everyone in your org
  • Track service history
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The most detailed way to find a problem’s cause

  • Logs always have your answers… somewhere
  • With TelemetryHub your logs are easier to query
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Seeing every affected component in one cohesive view

  • See how your services connect
  • Find the real cause of slowdowns
  • Connect the dots on your graph
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What is TelemetryHub and how does it work?

TelemetryHub is an observability tool that collects all your complex telemetry data into a single pane of glass view by leveraging the power of OpenTelemetry.

The answer’s there, but where?
Finding answers can feel like trying to locate a needle in a haystack

With query support, you can ask new questions of past data and see patterns you didn’t know existed. Now you have a powerful magnet to point at your ‘haystacks of data’ to find your elusive needle.

Your stack is complex, your observability tool shouldn’t be

TelemetyHub is a simple, out-of-the-box observability tool that visualizes your complex telemetry data in a consumable format with no proprietary configuration or customization required.

No one really understands their architecture without full-stack observability insights

Distributed tracing helps you see every system involved with each request. Even if monolith components or microservices aren’t well mapped, the TelemetryHub traces functionality makes it easy to identify and solve problems faster.

What makes TelemetryHub different?


An easy-to-use metrics interface means a faster and more direct path to resolution by leveraging telemetry data to answer unknowns.


No per-seat licensing means you can share the tool and observability data with everyone who needs it.


Easily explore and analyze issues through an out-of-the-box dashboard view of structured logs, metrics and tracing data.

All in on OpenTelemetry

Open Source is the future of the observability space, and we are diving in head first to deliver a full-stack observability tool built from scratch.

TelemetryHub Product Roadmap

TelemetryHub Progress:

Accepting early access users

See how TelemetryHub is tracking alongside the OpenTelemetry timeline.

Get started with TelemetryHub

You can start reporting data today with a few simple configuration steps.