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Logs Management

Integrated logging is necessary for modern application monitoring. Modern log management enables you to gather all your logs into a single log aggregator, and automatically connect metrics and tracing data for better log analysis. Get ahead of high-priority issues by investing in a tool that helps connect the dots before those issues impact the customer experience. With TelemetryHub, you can load and regex-explore tens of millions of logs at once, without loading and paging logs.

Full system visibility

Avoid edge cases, partial interruptions and nuanced bugs with TelemetryHub. Easily attach your own detailed application and business context for precise insights and easy exploration into your most important code paths without restriction. There’s no high-cardinality data ceiling in TelemetryHub and with a build as you grow model, there’s no limit to the insights you can derive from your dev environment. Attach user or account IDs, product SKUs, or any other custom context that’s important and TelemetryHub will roll up it’s own sleeves and interpret that data for you.

End-to-end tracing

Gain deep visibility into your front-end and back-end application performance with our distributed tracing capabilities. Quickly identify and prioritize issues, regardless of your infrastructure – microservices, serverless, monoliths, or any combination thereof – using our straightforward setup configurations for popular languages like JavaScript, Python, Go, Java, .NET, PHP, Rust, Ruby, and more. And with effortless auto-instrumentation for your application dependencies through a single line of code, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Application metrics

When it comes to understanding real-time application performance in a high-deploy environment, metrics are rapidly becoming just as important to monitoring the application layer as they are for infrastructure monitoring. Track trends in your applications over time by auto-instrumenting the numerous standard metrics or go further with easily-configurable custom metrics to solve problems before they arise. TelemetryHub enables you to add extra system and business attributes to your metrics to easily drill down on different segments and application behaviors for better full-system monitoring.

Hosted Environment Monitoring

As APM tooling and best practices become modernized, the gap between application monitoring and infrastructure monitoring insights is closing. TelemetryHub gives you reliable monitoring insights into how your applications are interacting with their hosted environments. Server and serverless monitoring insights provide answers to tough questions such as what pod, node, and cluster are involved in a given request or if an underperforming network on a particular host is causing performance issues.

Control your monitoring costs

Many leading monitoring solutions like to hide their high costs behind opaque pricing and cost-creeping features, but not TelemetryHub. We know that not all businesses need a DevOps team and the slew of DevOps tools that come with it so we treat affordability as a first-class feature. Our transparent, pay only for what you use pricing and cost management setup makes it easy for you to stay inside your budget so you can ditch the pricey DevOps toolkit and replace it with a single, reliable application logging and monitoring tool.

Business intelligence insights

Get out-of-the-box metrics and filters that tie directly to your business objectives and enable you to provide easy SLA reporting in real-time. TelemetryHub also enables you to easily create custom filters to tailor your data directly to your exact business needs. Make reporting easier by tieing business context directly to your logs, metrics and tracing data to quickly find and fix hidden and consequential performance issues.

The right application monitoring tool
logs and metrics
peace of mind

Correlated metrics, traces, and logs

The signals you need with the context required to extract value from heaps of data

Cut out communication hurdles with your entire team in the know

Easy to use dashboard and low barrier to simplified data insights lets your whole organization share in the knowledge – sayonara silos

Simplify complex systems

Easily diagnose issues without intimate knowledge of your architecture or history

TelemetryHub is the exact solution we were looking for to connect all our complex system data. Once we implemented TelemetryHub we were able to quickly identify and fix problem areas that were causing performance issues. We love how rapidly TelemetryHub has evolved and the superior customer support we’ve received.

Stuart Eaves

CTO/Co-founder of Operations Hero

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