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Don’t wait to get grandfathered into our early access pricing. Take advantage of the platform and no user licensing fees to get the observability insights you need at an affordable price.

Pay for what you use, nothing more

TelemetryHub pricing is simple, one flat rate gives access to your organization (you decide who needs it), and usage based pricing allows you to control your bill so there are no surprises. Couple that with some free GB of writes and scans and you are in the driver’s seat with your observability solution.

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/up to a month

Free trial includes:
  • Up to 10GB writes
  • Up to 30GB scans
  • Unlimited users
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Note – Free trial ends after 1 month or when you exceed either data threshold. You will then be placed into Early Access Pricing for the remainder of 2022.

Early access pricing
through 2022!

$179 $149

/month after free trial period

Early access pricing includes:
  • Up to 50GB/month writes
  • Up to 150GB/month scans
  • No seat licenses, per host or per service fees
  • Cancel anytime
  • Discounted additional data usage costs (see below)
Additional usage for early access program:
  • $0.39 writes $0.35/GB writes
  • $0.19 scans $0.15/GB scans

Connect with us on pricing details

  • TelemetryHub will store and process your personal data as described in our Privacy Policy. You can opt out at any time.

How we help

We simplify your path to extracting value from your telemetry data quickly, easily, and with transparent and fair pricing.

Pain point > Solution

You know telemetry data is powerful, but harnessing it can be a heavy lift for your dev team and can require ongoing maintenance, configuration, and expertise.

TelemetryHub is ideal for a lean development team focused on the future, keeping the lights on. When something goes wrong, find it, fix it, and be on your way.

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You can start reporting data today with a few simple configuration steps.