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TelemetryHub is a simple to use full stack observability tool built on the opensource project, OpenTelemetry. TelemetryHub helps you makes sense of and answer the unknown questions of your distributed systems.

Our commitment

Our Mission

TelemetryHub is committed to being a simple, efficient, and affordable tool to help engineering teams realize the value of working with high cardinality data within your telemetry signals to find, diagnose, and fix issues across your services confidently and quickly.

Our Vision

TelemetryHub’s vision is to foster a culture of observability at your organization by leveraging the open source project, OpenTelemetry, to support your engineering team with powerful tools that are simple to configure, implement and use.

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Our story

Here’s the thing, we’ve been doing this for a long time, and have gotten pretty good at our craft. And it’s just the beginning


Scout begins its journey in server monitoring

Scout begins its journey in server monitoring

Scout APM got its start as a server monitoring product in 2009. We later sold this server monitoring product to Solarwinds, and it became known as Pingdom Server Monitoring.



Scout launches APM product

Scout launches APM product

Scout became known as Scout APM after the launch of its application performance monitoring tool. Instead of only monitoring memory in servers, Scout expanded its market by monitoring backend web applications, with a targeted focus on Ruby, Python, PHP and Elixir frameworks.


Scout introduces full-stack observability platform, TelemetryHub

Scout introduces full-stack observability platform, TelemetryHub

With the formation of the open source project, OpenTelemetry, Scout recognized a shift in the market towards full-stack observability. We saw the importance of getting in on the ground floor of this emerging market and launched TelemetryHub, a simple and affordable observability tool.

Our core values


We practice humility and kindness to cultivate a positive environment.


We communicate with honesty, clarity, and candor.


We own the outcome in both success and failure.

Continuous Learning

We value the data and insights derived from intentional experimentation.

People & Community Focused

We value people. We prioritize community input and collaboration.

TelemetryHub is the exact solution we were looking for to connect all our complex system data. Once we implemented TelemetryHub we were able to quickly identify and fix problem areas that were causing performance issues. We love how rapidly TelemetryHub has evolved and the superior customer support we’ve received.

Stuart Eaves

CTO/Co-founder of Operations Hero

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