Why TelemetryHub

Built on the open-source framework OpenTelemetry, TelemetryHub is the one-stop shop for all your logs, metrics, tracing, and spans data.

This lightweight full-stack observability tool provides reliable transparency into your distributed system without per-seat pricing or a complex deployment process.


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Cost per seat in TelemetryHub

What is TelemetryHub

A software-as-a-service OpenTelemetry endpoint with a great interface that makes sense of your complex telemetry data and pulls out key observability insights. TelemetryHub’s advanced documentation and streamlined configuration process will have you up and running in days, not weeks.

How TelemetryHub helps your dev team

Generating data from your distributed systems is a lot easier than understanding it. TelemetryHub provides complex data visualization and analysis to give your team the diagnostic tools needed to identify and resolve hidden issues within your environment.

Why choose TelemetryHub as your observability partner?


No one’s a better expert in your stack than you. That means you want a simple and transparent tool to track your metrics, logs, and traces to pull out actionable insights quickly.


With our free trial period and no per-seat or per-instance licensing, you can report all the data you need and share it with everyone in your organization.

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Leverage TelemetryHub and the OpenTelemetry collector to better manage your data costs and get a streamlined view of your systems by only ingesting the signal data you need.

Why TelemetryHub

1 Single Pane of Glass

Observability as it’s meant to be, all in one place and fully connected. When your logs indicate problematic traces, the traces are right there where you’d want them to be and not off somewhere else.

2 Spreadsheet-esque Display

View your telemetry data in a familiar tabular data format that is fast and effective for sifting through the haystack to find the needle.

3 High-Performance, Wide Datasets

TH streams your telemetry data into your browser in high-performance ldap formats, allowing you to explore lots of data efficiently without endless paging and click-throughs to find what you’re looking for. Any custom attributes included in your signals, whether from standard or custom instrumentation will be at your fingertips.

4 Responsive Visualizations

Charts and plots respond in real time as you filter through your telemetry data, reducing the time it takes to find the source of your issues.

5 Multi-layered Filtering

Expressive pre-filtering allows you to put guard rails around the telemetry data you want streamed for viewing, while real-time local filtering gives you the ability to quickly find the interesting needles in your haystack.

6 Sticky Context

Set once and go contextual filtering is preserved as you navigate through your telemetry data, which makes it much easier to navigate through your data without losing focus.

How TelemetryHub Works

By leveraging the OpenTelemetry collector, TelemetryHub acts as your single pane of glass for all your logs, metrics and tracing data. TelemetryHub helps you analyze and understand your distributed systems by finding answers to hidden questions.

Open source tools for your data.

With OpenTelemetry’s instrumentation and collector framework, you can measure almost any system and decide what needs to be sent.

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You’re in control.

View your data all in one place, with no proprietary agents to install or manage giving you control over where and when you send your data.

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A reliable endpoint for all telemetry data.

With years of experience collecting metrics, the TelemetryHub teams knows our users rely on a reliable place to send their stack’s data.

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TelemetryHub is the exact solution we were looking for to connect all our complex system data. Once we implemented TelemetryHub we were able to quickly identify and fix problem areas that were causing performance issues. We love how rapidly TelemetryHub has evolved and the superior customer support we’ve received.

Stuart Eaves

CTO/Co-founder of Operations Hero

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