Denver, CO – Oct 17, 2022 – Scout APM, an established and market-leading Application Performance Monitoring tool for web applications, announced today the addition of its new brand, TelemetryHub by Scout APM. The recently released full-stack observability product, TelemetryHub, is a co-brand created by Scout in recognition of the distinct yet complementary natures of both monitoring and observability.

Established in 2009, Scout APM has continued to provide superior application monitoring insights to development teams and has expanded its service offerings to include full-stack observability. TelemetryHub by Scout APM believes that open source is the future of the observability market, which has helped shape the brand’s vision. TelemetryHub’s vision is to foster a culture of observability at organizations by leveraging the open-source project, OpenTelemetry, to support engineering teams with powerful tools that are simple to configure, implement, and use. 

‘Monitoring is simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding your cloud-native systems,’ says by Scout APM’s CEO, Mike Riegel. ‘In order to holistically support the needs of our customers and stay at the forefront of an evolving market, we decided to expand our offerings to also include a full stack observability product.  Now our customers can understand their application performance and gain system transparency with the full suite of Scout products.’

As Scout’s service offerings expanded, Scout needed to re-evaluate and establish a new sub-brand, now known as TelemetryHub by Scout APM. While the branding of Scout no longer fits its broader vision of stack observability, TelemetryHub by Scout APM remains tied and loyal to Scout’s long-standing company pillars of: transparency, accountability, continuous learning, respect, and community and people-focused. 

About TelemetryHub by Scout APM

TelemetryHub is the one-stop shop for all of your logs, metrics, tracing, and spans data and is based on the open-source framework OpenTelemetry. TelemetryHub is committed to being a simple, efficient, and affordable tool to help engineering teams realize the value of working with high cardinality data within your telemetry signals to find, diagnose, and fix issues across your services confidently and quickly.

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