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Dave Anderson
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Press Release: Scout APM announces new observability product, TelemetryHub

Scout APM is proud to announce the release of the Early Access Program for TelemetryHub, an open-source project developed by Scout and focused on providing engineers with a standardized approach to collecting and visualizing application performance data.

3 Pillars of Observability

To ensure you’re building a genuinely observable system, you must focus on three key areas: metrics, logs, and traces. These three core pillars will help you build a system that’s both flexible and scalable. Learn how!


Pros and Cons of Installing the OpenTelemetry Collector

The OpenTelemetry Collector offers a vendor-agnostic implementation on how to receive, process and export telemetry data. It has benefits as well as drawbacks. Read along, as we list the pros and cons.

News & Updates

Can we interest you in adopting Early Access to TelemetryHub by Scout?

Scout has been working on integrating the OpenTelemetry project into a brand-new observability tool, and it’s finally here! Interested in trying it out? Click the link above to opt-in for early access!

Observability strategies to not overload engineering teams  – Proxy Strategy

Collecting telemetry data from Proxies, which typically exist before your services, is one of the observability tactics to avoid overburdening technical teams.

Why traditional logging and observability waste developer time

The secret to shift-left observability is the ability to jump straight to a particular line of code that produced an error without having to restart, redeploy, or add extra code.

OpenTelemetry Roadmap

OpenTelemetry is one of the most fascinating and ambitious open-source projects of this era. It’s currently the second most active project in the CNCF (the Cloud Native Computing Foundation), with only Kubernetes being more active.


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